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Nottingham pool repairs in progress, Section III swimming championships may … – Syracuse.com

Nottingham pool repairs in progress, Section III swimming championships may …Syracuse.comIt's a pretty big job in a small tight space." Cost of the repair project is $500,000. It was delayed because the project had to be publicly bid and the design had to be approved by the New York State Educational Department, Ferrara said. The closure …

La Cienaga (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection (DVDVerdict)

# The Charge
"I don't like swimming pools, because I have the feeling that they are always dirty, like an infection." — _Lucrecia Martel_, on the setting of her film.
# The Case
There aren't many films out there like **La Cienaga**, the award-winning 2001 film from Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel (**The Headless Woman**). It's a family drama that has more than a few tinges of horror, but it's also a deeply political film and a biting satire of the bourgeoisie. It's a lot of things, but the two sure things are that it's a fantastic debut feature from the director and it has received an excellent Blu-ray release as part of the Criterion Collection.
A family of apparent aristocrats sits around a filthy pool on a day which is too hot to even speak. They're just sitting and drinking, when Mecha (Graciela Borges, **Chronicle of a Lady**) takes some empty glasses, accidentally drops them, falls on the glass, and severely cuts her chest. The adults just sit there, while the children comes running to help. After returning from the hospital, she lays in bed recovering while her family begins to disintegrate.
This tale of an extended …

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