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Why Should You Invest in a Salt Water Pool?

If you're considering owning a swimming pool but are perhaps a little concerned about the amount of time you'll have to spend on upkeep, not to mention the cost of chemicals and constant cleaning, here's some good news:

Salt water pools used to be a novelty, but now the tables have turned and they're becoming the standard due to their cleaner running, cheaper maintenance and efficiency. Many pool builders site it a rarity to install an old-fashioned chlorine pool, and indeed the market for them has dropped off dramatically, resulting in more salt chlorinator parts and better technology being made available for salt water pool owners.

Contrary to popular belief, salt water pools are not chlorine free and they still require apool pump. The salt water pool system creates its own chlorine using a salt water chlorinator. This device works by pumping in water from your pool (in which you've deposited the correct amount of salt) and running it over an electrode plate. This plate forces the salt in your water to react and when the water is pumped back into the pool it contains just the right amount of a very pure form of chlorine.

The chlorine that is produced by salt water chlorinators is much more delicate. The burning skin, irritated red eyes and horrible chlorine stink that you may be used to after a swim are all actually caused by an excess of chlorine in the pool, a byproduct of the active chlorine. With a salt water chlorinator at work, the chlorine is produced exactly as required, almost eliminating this problem.

Salt water pools will save you a lot of money. The only ingredient you will need to buy is salt. That's right Ordinary sodium chloride that you shake over your potatoes. And you will not need to by it that often. After your initial load of salt, the chlorine extraction can continue for up to two years before you'll need another.

By only using salt, there is also no need to store potentially dangerous chemicals in your home. Chlorine is a noxious substance and if your house is home to small children there is a very real danger that they may cause themselves some serious chemical damage. On a more trivial but annoying note, getting chlorine on your clothes will automatically ruin them for life.

Time is the other factor that you'll save on. Having a salt water chlorinator means you don't need to worry about constantly making tiny adjustments in the amount of chemicals you need to inject into your pool. You'll find that dunking your testing kit strip into your pool is more of a double check that everything is running smoothly. Very rarely will you need to make adjustments.

Having salt in your pool does not make it akin to sea water (so don't go chucking any dolphins in). The salt level in your salt water pool is a fraction of the salt levels in the ocean. You will not notice the salt, and you'll hardly notice the chlorine. All you'll feel around you is pure water. Still, don't drink it.

A salt water pool is the wisest investment to make if you want to provide a safe an fun swimming environment for you and your family whilst also cutting down on time and money spent maintaining it.

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