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Going coastal: Vancouver Island's vivid, delicious circle route – Houston Chronicle

Going coastal: Vancouver Island's vivid, delicious circle routeHouston Chronicle… Renfrew with Lake Cowichan. In 2009 that stretch was paved, completing the 180-mile Pacific Marine Circle Route around the southern tip of Vancouver Island. …. We shoot pool in the cool, sipping Lighthouse Ale and Beacon IPA. Just down the road …

Top-scoring vacation rentals in Asia-Pacific (luxuo)

Families with big entourages traveling to Asia-Pacific may be interested in a new list of top-scoring holiday vacation rentals from TripAdvisor users. TOP 10 VACATION RENTALS WITH INFINITY POOLS At $239 a night, the Freshwater Lodge in Tasmania, Australia is the most affordable vacation rental on the list. Ideal for nature and wildlife lovers, lodges […]

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Kodi Klipping with Pacific Pools of St. George