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UA basketball: Spokane suits Wildcats well – Arizona Daily Star (blog)

Arizona Daily Star (blog)UA basketball: Spokane suits Wildcats wellArizona Daily Star (blog)"They're not getting massages during the day or swimming in lap pools or anything like that. We met this morning, had a couple of meals, had film before we left. Most of the guys are in bed before 10 and when they're in bed we want them to have a safe …and more »

Authentic Travel: Dipping More Than a Toe into a Place (Travel Post)

A few months ago, I wrote about ways to have a more authentic travel experience, the idea being that authenticity is best achieved among people who actually _live_ in the destination. I forgot a big one: exercising.

I tend to do my New Year's resolving in November, when my birthday is, and this year's major resolution was to start swimming laps again; it's the only exercise I truly enjoy. I'm sure you'll be happy to know it's working out so far. And while swimming, I've remembered fondly all the pools I've swam in over the years. (That could be because every other pool I've swam in is nicer.)

As a traveler, I try to see as many locals' haunts as possible, and the pools absolutely qualify. In San Francisco, there was the YMCA at one end of the spectrum, and the fancy Bay Club at the other. In Seattle, there was the pool at Allstar Fitness on the 14th floor of downtown's Seattle Municipal Tower. In Chicago, I remember walking through an underground passage from the Fairmont Chicago to an adjacent fitness club with a very appealing pool. In Stockholm, I treaded water in an …

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