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City raises concern over waste removal – The Free Press

City raises concern over waste removalThe Free PressAccording to City of Fernie staff, residents and visitors have been exercising poor waste removal habits this past winter, scattering waste outside of inaccessible garbage bins throughout Fernie. During the Jan. 26 council meeting, the city discussed …

Chianello: Trio of big issues face city council as February approaches (Ottawa Citzen)

City hall is slowly waking from its holiday slumber as councillors and staff prepare to deal with the first of 2015's challenges starting next month. That's not to say that nothing is happening in the halls of power right now — indeed, there are at least three important public meetings scheduled for next week and committee meetings start up again on Tuesday — but larger issues of possible contention face the entire council come February. The first is, of course, the draft budget due to be tabled Feb. 4. There aren't too many surprises expected as councillors pledged to aim for a two per cent increase in property taxes for residential property owners. That doesn't leave a lot of room for new projects or increased spending — indeed, it'll likely be challenge enough to find the money to cover snow removal, which was $13 million over budget in 2014. And we'll be on the lookout for increases in recreation fees, which were frozen last term. But unlike last term, councillors haven't promised to absolutely keep to a two per cent increase, wanting instead some flexibility at the end of the budget process to either move costs around among departments, or even to raise taxes …

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